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Tsukineko StazOn Ink Pad by Tsukineko

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Tsukineko StazOn Ink Pad

※ Plastic, metal, shrink plastic, rubber, leather, polymer clay,
laminated paper, coated paper, uncoated paper, photo, glass,
porcelain, terracotta, cellophane

※ 3 seconds (porous surfaces) - 5 minutes (non porous surfaces). Drying time varies based on surface / material, humidity, etc.

※ StazOn may smear on Japanese Papers, vellum, cloth, and unpainted wooden surfaces.

※ Carefully apply inked stamps to non-porous surfaces. Images may be able to be erased from some non-porous surfaces with StazOn Cleaner.

※ StazOn may be transformed clear stamps. Test before using.
Jet Black (color #31) is archival.
Replace inner plastic cover and cover immediately after use.

※ Exposure to air will cause the ink in the pad to dry out.

※ Make sure stamp is free of oils or residue before using with StazOn.

※ Stamped images on non-porous surfaces may rub off if handled repeatedly.
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