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frankie ISSUE 77 by frankie press

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frankie ISSUE 77

Hello, frankie nation! Issue 77 is now on sale in Australia, and there are many wondrous things inside its covers. A literary tour of this wide brown land. A test drive of the best and worst ways to make your morning commute. A glimpse inside a portside refugee camp in Greece. A yummo recipe for pumpkin and almond scrolls. A list of unfavourable ladies who’ll make you appreciate your own mother-in-law. An ode to ordering the same thing on the menu every time. A scientific look at smooching (hormones, slobber and regurgitation included). And some modern-day updates to ye olde sewing patterns. Of course, we have our usual bucketload of lovely photography, pretty arty-crafty stuff, music, travel and likely-to-make-you-chuckle opinion pieces, too. Oh, and an introduction to the winners of the first-ever frankie Good Stuff awards. They’re a bunch of clever clogs, if we do say so ourselves.
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