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Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen COPPER by Kaweco

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Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen COPPER

Copper is a sought-after material for several reasons. It’s an excellent conductor (not of music, it doesn’t move enough for that), it can be alloyed with numerous other metals to great effect and is naturally biostatic (bacteria will not grow on it – very hygienic). It’s rarely used for making pens though, which is strange because it looks amazing, is wonderfully tactile and will age and acquire a unique patina over time in air untreated copper will slowly acquire a blue-green outer coating think old copper pipes or the Statue of Liberty. If the pen is being used frequently, the patina will be a much darker coppery colour, as the blue-green coating will not have time to develop. Once the pen has developed this initial patina it will remain unchanged for a long time as it serves as a protective barrier to the copper underneath. The finish can either be left to develop its patina or can be restored using copper polish and a liberal application of elbow grease.

Small and lightweight, the Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen is ideal when you are always “on-the-go”. Unlike the Sport series utilises the octagonal profile, the Liliput design is even simpler and more compact.

The Kaweco is logo etched onto the top of the cap. Stainless-steel nib in medium, fine, broad, extra-fine or extra-broad. Uses short international standard cartridges. Presented in Kaweco metal tin box.

※ EF nib
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